Tuesday, May 19, 2009

new home...

now i hv new home kt mlk ni..kt tmn kesidang..ok la,yg lbh interesting and cool cz i hv new housemate..abby,maya n lily...serasi n sekepala..bst laa duk ngn dorg..everytink cn share and very consider and also very sporting person..best..best....
after dz kl everytime hangout..abis la smua..sengal2 smua nyerr....hehe

btw,dz week i cannot wait for main2 dgn Qaseh Mia Faryna..so sweet n cute..
geram tgk my ank buah...geram..nk je kiss lama2....muaaaaahhhhh Qaseh...hehe
but dz saturday i must go to s.alam to get d jubah..adush...
tired laa....
but nk wat guano...hehe
next week dh konvo..wow!!unbelieveable....huhu

Thursday, May 14, 2009

going back to mlk again...???

shit!! im going back to malacca again...what for??ah mstila shotcz..org lain holiday,i plak kna duk stdy...adush..br nk relax dr sebarang soalan2 exam..haha
em tp nk wt guano..kna gak...
btw, im so excited cz bakal jd auntie beb...huhu
fisrt time nk dpt ank buah..of cz im so excited..xsabar btl nxt week..insyallh next week kt umah dato salleh n datin zaiton have a baby..hehe
em nk belikn ape ek??smp xtau nk beli ape dah...smua brg baby cntik sgt..n cute..hehe
xpe,tnggu QASEH MIA FARINA kuar dl...hehe
k la,mau take a bath dl...mau mandi bunga..haha
like princess barbie laura..hehe

Friday, April 24, 2009

relax,tension and happy....

im relax cz br je smp dr puchong..im tension cz im not ready for my next paper...im happy cz im happy with my hubby...
aku br blk dr puchong,tito sne...as usual laa hotel favourite ku..bgs cz ader promotion rate..
kt hotel jz stdy but stdy br 2chapter je...mak aih..ader 5chapter lg nk stdy..sempat ke ek..huhu
hope bole laaa...
tension btl laa..kn bgs gap 2 pnjg lg..hahaha
im happy cz at d same time i dh baik blk ngn my hubby...first nite kt puchong,g blnje baby,komeng and my hubby kt restoran rimba kt bangi...
not bad but steak dier....perghhhhhhh skt gigi beb...haha
after mkn blk hotel...aku tdo sorg2....tkt gak tp dh ngantok....belasah jeee...huhu
tomorow nyer g lunch wif baby kt piza hut...
im so proud of myself cz dh pndai jln kt puchong...wahaha
pasni dh bole alone....:-)
kamis mlm jumaat plak g dating wif my hubby...g tgk JGN TEGUR....
skt jntung aku...bole mati..kl mengandung,dh lm aku terberanak tgk cte tuee....
but to all my fren.....g la tgk...bst bgt bak kata hadibah nurfatin...huhuhu
after tgk muvie...g jln s.alam...tgk my old house...tp xjumpe..hehe
dh xingt jln la beb...guano niiieee...
then blk hotel rest smp pg...im so happy after dh gdun ngn my hubby bfore dz then moody sblm ni..hehe

Sunday, April 19, 2009

bad day..

today is my bad day..xtau nape,too much emotional..dgn smua i nk emo...
nk kata dtg bulan,xgak..but xtau laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa....
i hate all people around me....DAMN!!!!
i hate diz guy..i dun noe y he do to me like dz..whats his problem pn xtau laa...
i hope he will get d same thing mcm mn dier wt ake..
but its ok..aku ni seorg yg stil baik ati yg pemaaf...
go ahead la dier nk wt pe...g mampus pn xpe...
lagi senang aku cari lain....huhu
y this life byk sgt challenges nyer..aku dh bosan laaaa....
ble nk happy,jd sedih but ble nk sedih jd happy..........pening kepalo den ni arr...
dh la nk final but i hope i can focus in my stdy..
xdela duk teringat ngn someone niee....
baik baca OB dr ingt muke dier yg xbrp nk selera...whahahaha
jht gile mulut....xpe2..raye br mintak maaf...hehe

penat nyer nk stdy OB ni...nk kena faham setiap ayt tu....
nmpk cm senang tp ssh la plak...
yg risau nyer..cmne nk jwb case stdy..susah la tgk kt past sem....
guano nk wt ni??????

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

ting tong...

how long i xcreate dz blog eh..hehe
now dh cuti stdy week pn..duk umh stdy je but i tink xdela stdy sgt..watch tv everytime je..
maizatul,come on...stdy!!stdy!!stdy!!....ape nk jadi nie...
wheres my spirit nie..aduyaiiii...
em i hope i can give time tuk stdy and also main2...
last day kena g mlk tp blk hr jela cz amik fail yg very important tp tup..tup je my fren tue kata xyah amik plak...fcuk u laaaaa!!!!
igt aku ni naik ape arr,mlk jauh tuee...senang2 je dier kata xyah amik plak fail tue...perangai kl dh 'K' tue..'K' gak...nyampah plak ader kwn mcm tue...
nsb baik aku ni baik lg,kl x mulut ni dh maki2 dh....
but im stil rasional person...wah!!!gtu...hehe

tomorow dh kna blk mlk blk...asyik pulang ke mlk je...nsb bdn..hehe
nm pn stdy kt mlk kn...
dz friday ade test plak...shit!!! stdy last minute plak 2 aku ni...
yg lect tue pn pndai wt time stdy week,sj je la tu nk kaco org ngah bercuti...hehe
em nsb bukan kt Kltn..kl x muke i ni xde mkna nye nk blk umh....
adush....degree ni penat tul laaa...berbeza ngn diploma dl...relax ckit..huhu
em nk kna drive blk mlk lg..tkt laa plak cte2 accident ni but i hope everytink is fine...

Sunday, March 29, 2009

ngantok bangat...

hari ni sgt mengantok,,,
im so tired cz saturday i back to my kampung then ader knduri..
blk kL dat day gak..smp kL mlm dh..ngantok sgt2 tp stil tgk tv lg..hehe
then in d muning tomorow nye my hubby ajk g walking plak kt tasik...as usually i pn follow laa...
lpas blk dr walking..ape lg..im sleepy la beb...haha smp kol1pm...
then mandi2,mkn then chow blk melaka...
penat gle beb....fuyyyyoooooooooooo...

hari yg sgt penat tnpa rehat yg cukup...:-)
i smp mlk trus g amik my new hp,nsb baik dh ok..kl x,gue piat2 telinga cina tue..haha
dh ngantok ni..tomorow ader clas pg..

Saturday, March 28, 2009

my preparation outline for BEL492...

Preparation Outline for BEL492
Maizatulakmal bt Mohd Salleh









3.0 BODY










1. 30/12/2008-2/1/2009= 30/12/2008: Introduction of BEL492
2. 5-9/1/2009=6/1: Lecture; student portfolio and preparation outline
3.12-16/1/2009=13/1: Lecture
4.19-23/1/2009=20/1: Lecture
5.26/1-30/1/2009=27/1: Mid Term Break
6.2-6/2/2009=3/2: Lecture
7.9-13/2/2009=10/2: Lecture
8.16-20/2/2009=17/2: Lecture
9.23-27/2/2009=24/2: 1st Individual Presentation(40%)-1st group
10.2-6/3/2009=3/3: 1st Individual Presentation(40%)-2nd group
11.9-13/3/2009=10/3: Lecture
12.16-20/3/2009=17/3: Lecture
13.23-27/3/2009=24/3: 2nd Individual Presentation(40%)-1st group
14.30/3-3/4/2009=31/3: 2nd Individual Presentation(40%)-2nd group
15.6-10/4/2009=7/4: Submission Student Portfolio
16.13-17/4/2009=Study Week
17.20/4-11/5/2009=Final Examination

2.0 Introduction
2.1 Topic: The Challenges for Working Women in This Era Globalization
2.1.1 Reasons choosing the title
Ø Nowadays, women are independent in order to face the challenges especially in their career.
Ø Their talent also had been recognised by people all over the world.
Ø In this new era, women have their own class and have their own ability to success in their career.
Ø At the same time, they also brilliant in order to solve their marriage problem.
Ø Nowadays, there are chances in all sectors that need women participation.
2.1.2 General Purpose: To Inform
2.1.3 Specific Purpose: To inform the audiences the challenges for working women in this
era globalization.
2.1.4 Central Purpose: Overview of working women Achievements by working women in this new era The challenges for working women in this era globalization The effects for working women Overcome the challenges

3.0 Body

3.1 Overview of working women

3.1.1 According to www.islamweb.net, Allah, Almighty, has not prohibited women
from working, but He has provided numerous protections for women, that are
primarily concerned with where, how, and with whom she associates. There
are many situations that may make it necessary for a woman to work, such as
to meet the financial needs of the family or to fulfil the needs of the society.
There are many possible situations that a woman may face as she struggles to
maintain not only her job, but, more importantly, her Muslim identity.

3.1.2 According to Lee Ann Sandweiss (2009) says that it’s not usual for women, especially single mothers, to be working two or three part-time jobs just to make ends meet. If you are too poor, too overworked and too stressed out, you simply have no time to be a citizen.

3.1.3 Based on Larissa O’ Padden (2008) says that childcare and household responsibilities also can be issues for working mothers. While men are starting to pick up the slack in terms of household work, those responsibilities that still fall on a woman can cause added time constraints.

3.2 Achievements by working women
3.2.1 According to Datuk Maznah Hamid (2008), she has built a Multi-Million Dollar International conglomerate as well as Massive Publicity to make her a Malaysian Success Icon. She has 8 powerful shortcuts for doing business in Malaysia and Vast Experience and High Powered Contacts .She continues to contribute to the Malaysian entrepreneur through TV, radio and the Government Initiatives and funding she is entrusted with. Her Results and Success Strategies as women in a male dominated business have won her the Praise of the Malaysian government and the International community. Her INER-STRENTH has allowed her to achieve ultimate success.

3.2.2 Parveen Gill (2007) says that Datuk Michelle Yeoh receives top French award, she get the award because she perform her own stunts in action films. Yeoh, well-known for performing her own stunts in action films, was presented the award – established by legendary French leader Napoleon Bonaparte in 1802 – for her involvement in various charity organisations throughout the world.

3.3 The challenges for working women in this era globalization

3.3.1 According to Lee Ann Sandweiss (2009) she stated that Ruth Needleman says that exacerbated for women, because in order to accommodate demands of raising children, many of them must take part-time and temp work, which almost never include health insurance and other benefits.Women employed in female-dominated jobs such as nursing, child care and clerical work receive lower wages than workers in similar jobs not dominated by women. Many men in such jobs also suffer from wage discrimination.

3.3.2 Refers to http:/skorcareer.com.my, according to Datuk Maznah Hamid, she started her business without any security experiences. First, she took the plunge without any real business experience. And things looked worse as she was taking over an almost bankrupt security business. Not only it was on the brink of bankruptcy, the fact that she chose to be in a man-dominated business did not help much. She needed to learn about the basic of the security operation, the law and weaponry and at the same time employing people to guard the clients’ premises, starting with five security guards.

3.3.3 Refers to www.islamweb.net, All women who have been exposed to the workplace at some point in their lives can fully grasp the myriad of reasons why working outside the home is an enormous problem, in particular for Muslim women. There are countless contrasts in the workplace to our Islamic value system. Sexual harassment in the workplace is the one of the challenges for working women.Many Muslim women cope with the challenge of working in a non-Muslim environment: a male employee offers his hand during introductions, other employees begin to discuss private aspects of their lives at lunch, an invitation is sent to all employees for a get-together at the local bar; someone makes a joke about Hijaab or Salaah.

3.4 The effects for working women

3.4.1 According to www.stopvaw.org, it says that sexual harassment pollutes the working environment and can have a devastating effect upon the health, confidence, morale and performance of those affected by it The anxiety and stress produced by sexual harassment commonly leads to those subjected to it taking time off work due to sickness, being less efficient at work, or leaving their job to seek work elsewhere.Employees often suffer the adverse consequences of the harassment itself and short- and long-term damage to their employment prospects if they are forced to change jobs. Sexual harassment may also have a damaging impact on employees not themselves the object of unwanted behaviour but who is witness to it or have knowledge of the unwanted behaviour.

3.4.2 According to www.workingwomen.com, women lack quantitative skills, so they are passed over for many jobs criticial to the success of any business because business deals in numbers; women won't relocate so they don't get put on the fast track that requires relocation; women are too emotional, so they don't get feedback since they might become upset; women have a difficult time making decisions, so they aren't given anything to decide.

3.5 Overcome the challenges

3.5.1 According to www.islamweb.net, a woman must ensure that her home and children are properly cared for. Her husband may be of assistance in this area, or outside help may be employed.Women must obtain consent from her guardian or husband (if married), who may offer a broader perspective on how her work may influence the family and it’s functioning. While at the job, a woman must maintain her inwardly and outwardly modesty and chastity.

3.5.2 According to Lahle Wolfe (2008), Finding the Right Work-Life Balance For Busy Working Women. Many women struggle with finding better ways to balance work and life and often this guilt comes from outside sources like pressure from husbands, family, and friends. Some (wealthier) women opt to travel by private jet to have more time with their families, while others, like billionaire and super entrepreneur Marilyn Carlson Nelson believe that women should not feel guilty about having a passion for work. Overcoming Gender Discrimination against Women in Business Gender lines are drawn early, and exclusions for women continue throughout adulthood. Not only are women discriminated against in private businesses, but also by the Federal government. Gender bias begins in elementary school continuing on into college. Even though more women hold higher degrees than men, they are still passed over for jobs that go to less-educated and less-qualified males, and they also receive less compensation than men for the same job. Finding Inspiration and Support from Other Business Women on Fire. In addition to having a mentor, many women find reading the success stories, tips, and advice from other women who are already successful in business helpful and inspiring. Women in business feature profiles of famous business women, as well as small businesses owned by successful women entrepreneurs, and working moms to encourage you on your own path to success.

4.0 Conclusion

Working women may face the challenges when they work in any sectors, so they should know their strength and weaknesses. It is because working women can solve the challenges very smartly. Almost the challenges for working women are the responsibilities in the family because we know that women have to manage the family especially for their children for working women that had married. Before this, women are assumed by people that they are weak person but when a lot of achievements by working women in this new era so its show that women is same like a men. Furthermore, the gaps between men and women in this time are not far as before. Nothing is impossible for women to success in their career, family and life.

v www.islamweb.net(2009)
v Lee Ann Sandweiss (2009)
v Larissa O’Padden (2008)
v maznah@securiforce.com.my(2008)
v Parveen Gill (2007)
v http;/ skorcareer.com.my(2007)
v www.stopvaw.org(2007)
v Lahle Wolf ( 2008)


Name: Maizatulakmal bt Mohd Salleh
Matrix No: 2008505445
Class: BBHR 3A
Course: Bachelor of Business Administration, majoring in Human Resources
BEL Code: BEL 492

Preparation: /5
Format: /1
Introduction: /0.5
Body: /5
Conclusion: /0.5
Language: /8
Total: /20x0.01